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I had my annual physical with my regular physician Dr. Webb. I had no symptoms and felt very good due to the amount of regular exercise for two years on my bicycle (17 miles, 3 or 4 times a week).

The results of my blood test showed a PSA from 2 (2years ago) to 5. I was referred to urologist Dr. McWilliams for further examinations. The doctor performed a biopsy on my prostate, as well as an Ultrasound and Cystoscopy.

Out of 12 biopsy samples only one had three percent cancer in it. (See Report)

There are a number of treatments, but I decided on a Radical Prostatectomy (removal of the Prostate) with nerve sparing.

Dr. McWilliams and his assistant performed surgery on Sept. 15, 2003 at Mercy.  The incision was closed with 26 staples. I was up and walking the next day.

Day three Dr. McWilliams came by with the lab results on my removed prostate.

He said there was cancer in both lobes and in the tip. But, the good news was no cancer on the edges of the prostate, limp nodes or nerves. That means it had not spread and Iím CURED!

I returned home on the day three. The staples will be removed after eight days. I will be able to drive short distances in 10 days.

50,000 of these men will die needlessly from this disease. One in five men will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime.

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